Zeit Contemporary Art , Stand nĀ° AM217

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Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin

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Sol LeWitt Irregular Grid

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Sol LeWitt Wavy Lines

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Robert Mangold Square within a Square


Founded in 2016, Zeit Contemporary Art specializes in modern, post-war, and contemporary art with a focus on Europe and the Americas. Our mission is deeply committed to the understanding of art as a complex cultural object that defines the time and space where it is created.

ZCA organizes four carefully curated exhibitions a year both on contemporary artists and historically focused projects. Previous exhibitions and online viewing rooms include critically acclaimed projects such as 'Minimal Means: Concrete Inventions in the US, Brazil and Spain' (2019), 'Andy Warhol: The Last Decade' (2020), 'Painting Abstraction: 197X ā€“ Today' (2021), and 'Lilt, Joy and Clarity: The Prints of Ellsworth Kelly' (2022).

ZCA also has an active participation in prominent international art fairs. Additionally, we represent the work of pioneering artists and provide a unique service of private sales of museum quality works with rigorous discretion. We are delighted to work with a wide range of collectors, whether established or new. It is our passion to help collectors navigate the art world and discover artworks by established and emerging artists.


Zeit Contemporary Art

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Founded: 2016
Joan Robledo-Palop
Jackson Engman