Galería Casa Cuadrada , Stand n° AM302

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Rafa Macarrón Obra 3
Mixed Media on Canvas 183 x 296 cm 2019

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Rafa Macarrón Obra 7

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Rafa Macarrón Obra 5

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Rafa Macarrón En Lo Que Se...
Mixed media on iron 160 x 370 x 20 Cm 2019

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The audience of our contemporary art exhibitions has increased considerably in the recent years with the awareness-raising and the expansion of foreign interest in Colombia’s art as well. Since 1998, when Galería Casa Cuadrada opened its doors for the first time, we have focused to increase public interest in contemporary art, turning it into new processes axis, movements and schemes to renew the Colombian Art scene. We have worked with and pushed forward different artists who have exhibited their art pieces in Galería Casa Cuadrada. Several of those artists have boosted their careers and have turned this cultural space into a springboard for young artists.

In 2002 we started an art promotion and dissemination effort nationwide with the sponsorship of private institutions and our participation in international art fairs. In addition, we have created the National Art Exhibition – DIVERSIDAD – for young Colombian artists. Now we have almost 20 year experience in the art scene in Colombia, so we have decided to design a formation camp for foreign artists, within an exhibition exchange program between art galleries and institutions that support creative projects worldwide. At this time, agreements have been set on the table to work with institutions around Europe and together develop plastic art projects, so we can achieve our main goal: build up a co-working network for artistic residences for Colombians.


Galería Casa Cuadrada


Founded: 1998
Almanza Quintero Luis Octavio