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Jacob Skornik "Leonardo da Vinci: La Belle Ferronnière" 2023

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Jacob Skornik "Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring" 2023


Antoine Helwaser Gallery is thrilled to announce the upcoming solo show of Jacob Skornik, "Old Masters Only", presented at Art Miami 2023.

Skornik, born and raised in France, studied old masters at Paris X University before moving to New York. His work looks at the contradiction between old masters and contemporary art, which shows how collectors are interested in both. Lately, there was a shift towards a greater appreciation for classic art, and Skornik’s work embodies this mixing of tendencies with his original and pop approach to the Old Masters art. He adds colors and diamond dust to his paintings, creating a unique and contemporary interpretation of classic art.

Donald Kuspit, an American art critic and poet, recently published an essay about Skornik’s work, praising his regression to traditional art and his use of diamond dust to enhance and emphasize the innate idealism of the Old Masters paintings. He believes that Skornik’s practice celebrates the figure’s beauty, devalued in modern art. The artist’s use of diamond dust creates a unique and striking effect that raises the innate idealism of the portraits. The tiny flakes of glass reflect light in a way that produces a diamond-like sparkle on the surface of the artwork, adding a sense of luminosity and depth to the image. This technique imbues the painting with a sense of preciousness and immortality, much like the diamonds.

Besides, Skornik’s process of painting large-scale portraits allows him to capture the essence of the faces in Old Master paintings with striking detail and sensitivity. By focusing on the faces, he can highlight the individuality and singularity of each subject, inviting the viewer to contemplate their inner lives. This approach introduces a sense of intimacy and connection between the viewer and the subject, drawing us into the painting on a deeper level. Skornik creates a powerful effect that celebrates the beauty and complexity of Old Master paintings while also providing a fresh and contemporary interpretation of classic art.

The upcoming exhibition is set to be a must-see event for collectors and art enthusiasts, offering a showcase of Skornik’s thought-provoking work. Art Miami 2023 will take place from December 5th-10th, and Antoine Helwaser Gallery invites everyone to come and experience the beauty and creativity of Jacob Skornik’s art at his booth 211.


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