Helwaser Gallery , Stand n° AM132

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Veronique Cauchefer Sketch

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Veronique Cauchefer Marbre

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Veronique Cauchefer Flower's Child

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Adam Handler Blooming Girl


Established in Paris in 1986, Helwaser Gallery has a long history of presenting the works of Post War European and American art movements, with a particular emphasis on Cubism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. Previously located in the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore neighborhood, the gallery has initiated noteworthy historical exhibitions: “Rencontre de Personnages” (An Encounter between Figures): Jean Metzinger, Andre Masson, Bernard Buffet, Pablo Picasso (2004), which showcased the Masters’ figurative portraits. The gallery has also put together retrospectives of modern European artists, such as,“The Cubists: Albert Gleizes, Roger de la Fresnay, and Andre Lhote (1995). In 1996, the gallery mounted the retrospective “Jean Dubuffet”, curated in partnership with Galerie Pascal Lansberg. The Gallery also offers art advisory services that fosters discovery, inspiration and personalized guidance in all aspects of art collecting.

Helwaser Gallery has participated in the following art fairs: The Armory Show, Art Miami, Palm Beach Art Fair, Southampton art fair, The Salon Art + Design, Paris Art + Design, and Brafa (Brussels).


Helwaser Gallery

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Founded: 1986
Antoine Helwaser
Anne Marie Helwaser
Carson Wos