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Gallery LEE & BAE opened in Haeundae in 2010 and since then has held exhibitions of prominent artists from home and abroad. By holding such exhibitions which covers a variety of areas including modern fine art paintings, sculptures, lithography, photography and so on. Gallery LEE & BAE has successfully established itself as art space for all forms of art. We have started 'LEE & BAE Patron Project' with the goal of finding and sponsoring new artists while continuing to hold various exhibitions. This project is based on the active participation and determination of both the gallery and the sponsors to sponsor the artists. 'LEE & BAE Young Artists' which Gallery LEE & BAE promoted since 2011 selects creative young artists working in Busan and Kyeongnam area every two years. To support the works of the artists, we have an advisory board that can provide assessments, productive advice and funding to the artists periodically.



e: galleryleebaekorea@gmail.com

Founded: 2010
Mi-Ae Bae
Sue Park
Ju Hyeon Kim