Wanrooij Gallery , Stand nĀ° AM509

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Gabriela Noelle Imaginary Friends

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Raider Eyes on you


Acclaimed and Emerging Artists
Wanrooij Gallery Amsterdam ā€“ The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its innovative, challenging and inspiring art with character. The gallery provides a prominent stage for emerging and acclaimed artists and has a key focus on new media art.

Over the years the gallery has developed a total art experience. It is a place to explore and experience art in all its facets. In that perspective, the gallery constantly seeks new challenges by pushing boundaries of the established art world. Wanrooij Gallery participates in major art fairs worldwide.


Wanrooij Gallery

e: info@wanrooijgallery.com
w: http://www.wanrooijgallery.com

Founded: 2005
Martijn Wanrooij
Anja Koster