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Malcolm Liepke In His Lap

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Chris Rivers Distorted Skies


Established in 2016 through the unification of Albemarle Gallery (est. 1996) with its contemporary associate Shine Artists (est. 2011), London-based Pontone Gallery represents an extensive roster of international artists who work across several disciplines, from painting to photography to sculpture. Notwithstanding the wide variety of practices undertaken by the gallery artists, craft, skill and technical excellence are common to all. Gallery Director Domenic Pontone is committed to nurturing those who marry conceptual integrity to a thrilling mastery of their medium.

In both its UK and its international programs, Pontone Gallery seeks to highlight the intersection of contemporary objectives with traditional concepts, championing artists who explore such ideas through their work.


Pontone Gallery

e: art@pontonegallery.com
w: https://pontonegallery.com

Founded: 2016
Domenic Pontone
Alessandro Lorenzetti
Sandra Veinla
BO-NA 'Layla' HYUN
Marnie Robson