Corridor Contemporary , Stand n° AM412

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Mel Bochner Top Dog

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Taher Jaoui King’s Court


Since its establishment more than two decades ago, Corridor Contemporary has been the voice of new art in Tel Aviv: a nexus for contemporary art from around the world, exhibiting across a diverse range of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, and video art. The gallery’s collection signposts key movements in the art world, from figurative art and photorealism to the fresh contributions of graffiti and the wider street art vibe.
The gallery exhibits both emerging and established artists, Israeli and international. Our vision is to introduce local collectors to the cutting edge of the international art scene, and to present Israeli artists to the gallery’s global audience.
With his extensive knowledge of the art scene, owner Erez Zemach and his crew brings a personal and informed perspective to the gallery. His passion for contemporary art has been reciprocated in the support and loyalty of Corridor’s clientele over the years – a key factor in setting up our “sister” gallery, Corridor Contemporary Philadelphia.


Corridor Contemporary


Founded: 2000