PYO Gallery Seoul , Stand n° AM300

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Seon Ghi Bahk An Aggregation 20220531-Rectangle

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Ufan Lee With Winds


PYO Gallery opened in the heart of Seoul in 1981. For the past 40 years, PYO Gallery has introduced world-class artists such as Jonathan Borofsky, Frank Stella, John Baldessari, Yue Minjun, Zeng Fanzhi, Ji Dachun, Paik Namjune, Lee Ufan, Kim Tschangyeul, Park Seobo, Ha Chonghyun, Chung Changsup. As a major gallery representing Korea, PYO Gallery has a strong connection with not only senior masters but also emerging young artists popular among the MZ Generation collectors. PYO Gallery provides collectors with a high level of satisfaction, through its sophisticated collection and skilled know-how.


PYO Gallery Seoul


Founded: 1981