Richard Hambleton is a contemporary American-Canadian graffiti artist, sometimes called the “godfather of street art.” Along with his contemporaries Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hambleton painted directly on the streets of New York and achieved success during the art boom of the 1980s. Born in June of 1954 in Vancouver, Canada, Hambletons first major fame in the art world came from his Image Mass Murder series, wherein he painted chalk outlines around volunteer “victims” splashed red paint, thereby leaving fictional and violent crime scenes behind in over 15 cities. As time passed, he gradually transitioned to work in the studio, producing a body of work he titled the Beautiful Paintings. “I’ve been doing public art for a long time, and studio work, and there’s a relationship between the two of them,” he remarked of the shift in his practice. A reclusive artist, Hambleton now lives and works in New York City’s Lower East Side.
Richard Hambleton is most famous for his "Shadowman" paintings of the early 1980s. Each painting resembles a life-sized silhouetted image of some mysterious person, a "splashy shadow figure." These "shadow paintings" were splashed and brushed with black paint on hundreds of buildings and other structures across New York City. Locations were believed to be calculated for maximum impact upon unsuspecting pedestrians. Very often, a Shadowman could be found in a dark alley or lurking just around a street corner. Hambleton later expanded the scope of his project and painted these shadowmen in other cities, including Paris, London and Rome, and Berlin.


Solo Exhibitions
2017 “Richard Hambleton: I Only Have Eyes For You,” Woodward Gallery, NYC
“Richard Hambleton: Beautiful Paintings,” Art Gallery at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, Sleepy Hollow, NY
“Richard Hambleton: A Retrospective,” presented by Andy Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld in collaboration with Phillips de Pury and Giorgio Armani at Phillips de Pury & Company, New York
“Richard Hambleton New York, The Godfather of Street Art,” presented by Andy Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld in collaboration with Giorgio Armani at The Dairy, London
“Richard Hambleton New York,” presented by Andy Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin
Roitfeld in collaboration with Giorgio Armani at the State Museum of Modern Art of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow
“Richard Hambleton New York,” presented by Andy Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld in collaboration with Giorgio Armani, Milan
“Richard Hambleton New York,” presented by Andy Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin
Roitfeld in collaboration with Giorgio Armani, amFAR Annual Benefit, May 20, 2010

“Richard Hambleton New York,” presented by Andy Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld in collaboration with Giorgio Armani and Woodward Gallery, New York,NY
“Richard Hambleton The Beautiful Paintings,” Woodward Gallery, New York
“Shadows and Landscapes,” Studio Andrea Gobbi, Rome, Italy. December - January
Piezo Electric Gallery, New York
Salvatore Ala Gallery, Milano, Italy Zellermayer Galerie, East Berlin, Germany Museo DeArte Costaricense, Costa Rica, Spain
“121”, Antwerp, Belgium
Anna Friebe Galerie, Cologne, Germany Galerie Barbara Farber, Amsterdam Galerie Salvatore Ala, Milano, Italy
Piezo Electric, New York Civilian Warefare, New York Limbo Lounge, New York
“Richard Hambleton,” Alexander Milliken - East Village Gallery, New York Flavio Belli Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Vehicule Center for Art, Vancouver, Canada
La Mamelle, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Pumps Center for Art, Vancouver, Canada And/Or Gallery, Seattle, WA
“I.D.E.A.,” Western Front, Vancouver, Canada

Pumps Center for Art, Vancouver, Canada
Selected Group Exhibitions
“Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978–1983”, The Museum of Modern Art,
October 31, 2017–April 1, 2018
“Scribble, Scratch, Paint- Once Removed- 13 Windows, 13 Artists- One Wall”, The Windows at NYU Kimmel Gallery, June 10 - August 31, NYC
Xippas Gallery “Réelles Distorsions” - Andres Dobler/ Sylvie Fleury/ Richard
Hambleton/ Hayan Kam Nakache/ Stephane Kropf, Paris March 4- April 18 2015
“All Together Different: A Survey of Working Artists on the Lower East Side,” Manny Cantor Center, New York, NY
“20in15,” Woodward Gallery, NYC.
“Sur-Real,” Woodward Gallery, NYC.
“Loisaida: New York’s Lower East Side in the ‘80’s,” Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA.
“Ghost Girl Corn Maze,” Barton Orchard, Poughquag, NY in collaboration with David Phillips and Woodward Gallery, NYC.
“From the Street Up,” Woodward Gallery, NYC.
“Print,” Woodward Gallery, NYC.
“On Every Street,” Samuel Owen Gallery, Greenwich, CT. Curated by Michael DeFeo in colaboration with Woodward Gallery. October 6 - November 3rd.
“Art in the Streets,” MoCA, Los Angeles, CA.
NEVER RECORDS: Part of No Longer Empty’s “Never Can Say Goodbye,” Curated
by Manon Slome, Steven Evans, DIA Art Foundation, Asher Remy - Toledo at the former Tower Records at Broadway and West 4th, New York, NY.
“BIG Paper Winter,” featuring original works by Basquiat, Calder, DeKooning, Richard Hambleton, Franz Kline, Rauschenberg, Ad Reinhardt, Warhol; Woodward Gallery, NYC

“Off the Wall, From Vandalism to Urban Art,” November 1 - December 13th, Wilde Gallery, Berlin.
“Punk. No One is Innocent,” May 16 - September 7, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria. “Stoked Benefit Art Auction,” April 5, Milk Gallery at Phillips de Pury, New York, NY.
2008 “Works on Paper,” Woodward Gallery at the Park Avenue Armory, 20th Anniversary, February 29 - March 3, New York, NY.
“Contemporary Art Society Benefit Auction,” November 2, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI.
“The Media: Reaction, Reflections, and Comments on the Culture of Media,” featured with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, May 27 - July 13th, City of Brea Art Gallery, Brea, CA.
“Gallery Artists ‘06-’07,” Woodward Gallery, New York, NY.
“Vintage East Village,” Hal Bromm Gallery, New York.
“East Village USA,” December 9 - March 19, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY.
“The Green Home Show,” Winter Palace, Staten Island, NY.
“Eighties Art Stars,” featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring, Robert Hawkins, Rene Ricard, May 17 - June 16, 2002, Fountain Walk, Charleston, SC.
“Urban Encounters,” New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY.
“Re-presenting Landscape,” New York Studio School of Painting and Sculpture, New York, NY. 1989
“Abstraction as Landscape,” Gallery Urban, New York, NY, January 21 – March 2, 1989.
“Public and Private: American Prints Today: The 24th National Print Exhibition,” traveling exhibition: Brooklyn Museum, Flint Institute of Arts, RISD, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 1985
“Syndesthetics”, PS 1, Long Island City, New York.
“Smart Art: New Work from New York,” curated by Joseph Masheck, Carpenter Center for the Visual

Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
“Mirrors” East Hampton Center for Contemporary Art, East Hampton, NY.
Piezo Electric, New York, New York
“Of the Streets,” University of Colorado, Aspen, featuring Jenny Holzer, Tom Warren,
Richard Hambleton, Lady Pink, John Fekner, CRASH, Daze, Keith Haring, David Wojnarowicz, Marc Brasz, Spank, Candace Hill-Montgomery, and John Ahearn
“New Talent - New York”, travelling exhibition organized by Sioux City Art Center, Iowa
“East Village Artists”, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia
“East Village Scene”, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Activated Walls”, The Queens Museum, New York
“Chill Out”, Kenkeleba House, New York
“Romance and Catastrophe”, Zellermayer Gallerie, East Berlin, Germany
“Sculpture Now”, Anna Friebe Galerie, Koln, Germany
“25,000 Sculptors from Across the USA”, Civilian Warfare, New York
“Aperto ‘84”, BIENNALE DIE VENEZIA, Venice, Italy
“Body Politic”, Tower Gallery, New York
“Arte di Frontiera”, Galeria Communale d’arte Moderna, Bologna, Milan and Rome, Italy “Situation”, Bess Cutler Gallery, New York
“Galleries of the Lower East Side”, Artist Space, New York
“Limbo,” PS 1, Long Island City, New York
“Totem,” Bonnier Gallery, Charles Cowles Gallery, and Germans Van Eck Gallery, New York “Abstract Persona”, Dramatis Personae Gallery, New York
Abstract Persona, Dramatis
Personae Gallery, New York
Piezo Electric, New York
“Vancouver: art and artists 1931-1983” Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, presenting the work of 150 Vancouver artists
Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York
“Black and White Show,” Kenkelba Gallery, New York
Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
Galleri Cassandra, Norway
Seventh Annual Forgione, New York
“Food For Soup Kitchens,” Curated by Catherine Hazard; Fashion Moda, Bronx, New York Tweed Gallery, New Jersey
Weatherspoon Art Gallery, North Carolina
Greenville County Museum of Art, South Carolina
American Graffiti Gallery, Amsterdam
Group Material- Subculture, New York
Pier 34 Project, New York
International Running Center, New York

“Terminal New York,” Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, NY.
“Art on the Beach,” Creative Time’s, New York Second Story Books, Baltimore
“The Real Estate Show,” ABC No Rio, New York Club 57, New York
5th International Apartment Festival, March 15-21 Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York Pyramid, New York
Cheltenham Art Center, Pennsylvania
Alexander Milliken Gallery, New York
Squat Theater, New York
Sarah Lawrence College Gallery, New York
White Columns, New York
ABC No Rio, New York
Club 57, New York
Public Image Gallery, New York
9th Street Survival Show, New York
“Times Square Show,” Collaborative Projects Incorporated and Fashion Moda, 41st St and 7th Ave, New York, July
Selected Urban Works
“Arthole,” interior mirror installation, Candle Building, Wooster on Spring, December 15-17, presented by Wooster Collective on Spring and Elias Cummings, New York, NY. 2006
Woodward Gallery, New York published the “Cat Stack” portfolio of limited edition prints dealing with“Splattered Shadow Cat” imagery.
Woodward Gallery, New York published “The Gang of Four” portfolio of limited edition prints dealing with Shadow Heads imagery.
Grey Art Gallery, New York University, New York covertly painted life-size black Shadow Figure on March 11, 2006 next to Basquiat painting on wall of lower level of “The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene 1974-1984” exhibition.
Habana Outpost, interior graffiti mural, Brooklyn, NY.

Art Gallery Space 2B, legendary East Village “Gas Station” on Avenue B and 2nd Street
The Black Hole series - light sensitive paper painted black. When used outdoors would fade to white. An underpainting of a mushroom cloud would appear as the paper faded. Then, as the paper peeled off the wall, it seemed as if the mushroom cloud exploded.
Check Point Charlie Museum commissioned Hambleton to produce a site specific installation on the West side of the Berlin Wall: “Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Black?” (Hambleton remarked on the fear of Germany) painted August 24, 1985.
“Monsoon,” Limited edition: 75, Published by Alexander Heinrici.
Painted 17 life-size black silhouettes along the East side of the Berlin Wall to remark on the divided city of Germany and the lives and deaths of the confrontation since 1961. The German press featured Hambleton with high regard for his brave modern view and visual commentary of the sad state of Berlin. Created the morning of May 13, 1984.
“Secret Mission”- travelled to Western Europe five times and painted life-size black,
shadowy silhouettes in 12 major cities.
“Night Life,” Life size, standing shadowy black silhouettes. 450 painted throughout New
York, NY.
“Lower Manhattan Drawing Show,” Mudd Club, February 22 - Mar 15, New York, NY.
“Beyond Words: Graffiti Based-Rooted-Inspired Works,” Mudd Club, April 9 - 24, New York, NY. “Suicide Invitation” Two half-legal size, invitation text with an answering-form and deadline of June 1981, Edition Magazine: letter size, offset Intermedia Press, Vancouver, 1980.
Edition Print: Perpetual Cyclic Calendar to the year 2000. Artist edition of 10. To be used as a calendar to witness the progression of the Investigation Department’s work.
“I Only Have Eyes For You”, an urban installation work with the focal point being a life-size photo cutout of a standing figure. In 1980 through 1981, approximately 750 of these photo posters were installed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Washington, D.C, Baltimore and New York.
Edition Print: ID’s Mr. ReeeSearch Continued. Artist edition of six.
Edition Magazine: letter size, offset Intermedia Press, Vancouver, 1980.
Mr. ReeeSearch Continued. Mail Art combinated street action 1975-79. Text by R. Hambleton, 1st Edition: Intro. in French & English; 2nd Edition: Intro. in English, French, German, Italian & Japanese.

“Art Faux Investigation Department: Vancouver-New York 1978-79” Social Research Project: To monitor the power of privacy and the media redefined through urban art. Offices open in both cities. Investigation Department Box 403, Station 1, Vancouver B.C. V6C 2N. Investigation Department. Attn R. Dick Trace, 200 W 57 St. N.Y.C. 10019
“ID’s World Post,” A book of postage stamps in 2 artist editions of 25/25 copies, b&w and color- xerox copies.
Security stickers having the appearance of a small television monitor, inconspicuously installed on doors and walls.
“Image Mass Murder”, an urban work which centered on a painted chalk outline as in a murder scene, with the addition of blood- red paint splattered within its perimeter (image murder). Executed throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago and New York. This work forms a complex narrative also involving studio work.
“Artist Identification Aid Chart/Postcards,” Mail actions, Canada.
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