He has accrued international renown for his monumental public sculptures. His "Urban Memories", structures intertwining sculpture and illumination, are a recuperation of long-lost architectural elements occupying vacant, historically significant sites. The lost landmarks are depicted at both their original sites and sizes. A truly versatile artist, Garaizabal’s multifaceted work encompasses drawings, sculpture, light and acoustical installations, video art, and engraving. Originally a conceptual artist, as a sculptor a large part of his preparatory and final work has been done by hand, using such techniques as forging, carpentry,
electricity, plasticity, and masonry - all skills acquired through time and experimentation. As of 2008, his main studio is in Berlin, Germany, although he maintains another in Madrid, Spain and in Miami US. Well known, American art historian and critic, Barbara Rose has published a monographic book about his work that was presented in Chicago’s Art Fair in September 2016. They have also collaborated in projects such as "La Memorial del Giordano" at the 55t edition of the Venice Biennial.

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