Antonio Asis studied at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes where he obtained his doctorate in 1950, From 1950-1956 he conducted geometric and constructivist research. Upon his arrival to Paris in 1956, Asis met and worked closely with artists such as Agam, Soto, Schaeffer, and Vasarely and began to center his art on a two-part kinetic focus. Asis began to concern himself with the relationship between colors in order to obtain a form of optical melange and kinetic vibration. Asis' work has been featured in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe beginning in 1965 including Lumiere et Movement in Paris (1965), Cinetisme, Spectacle, Environment, (1968), Biennale mediterraneenne d'art contemporain, Italy (1983), Los Cineticos-Kinetic Art at the Museo Centro Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid -Spain (2007), and most recently North Looks South: Building the Latin-American Art Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston-USA.


Solo Exhibitions
2007: Sicardi Gallery, Houston - Texas
1995: Expression Visuelle, Galeria Arte Struktura, Milan, Italy
1995: Expression Visuelle, Galerie Claude Dorval, Paris, France
1989: Atelier Antonio Asis-Oeuvres des annees 50 a 70, Hotel Drouot, Paris, France, November 17
1983:Galerie J. & J. Donguy, Paris, France, January 13 - February 12
1975: Asis, Galleria la Polena, Genova, Italy, June 19 - July 15
1972: Maison de la Culture, Rennes, France
1971: Estudio Actual, Caracas, Venezuela, June
1970: Galerie Krebs, Bern, Switzerland, March 17 - April 11

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