It is difficult not to perceive the spirituality, the intense transcendental aura that transpires the work of Guillermo Fornes (Bilbao, Spain, 1964), especially in "Entropy" (2019), his first personal exhibition in the United States. A sample composed of twenty works made between 2017-2019, which includes the Epiphany multiple consisting of seven drawings.

In this body of works emphasizes the use of a poetic, whose lineage digs its roots, on one hand, in abstract expressionist art and in an expansive symbolic conceptualism on the other, that explores an iconography of its own expressive codes. Thus, the poetics of Fornes is marked by a language that drinks, almost in the same proportion, both in the source of lyrical abstraction as well as in an expressionist symbolism of conceptual syntax, often incorporating expressive elements of the neo figuration. All this is visible in works such as Arch Light, Bow Shadow, Enzo or Encuentro. The attention here is the presence of an iconographic repertoire formed by circles, arcs and circumferences, lines of thick or thin strokes seeking hidden beauty behind the harmony of proportions. In the same way, draws attention the use of gunpowder as a kind of pigment that diffuses the contours of objects in the pictorial plane, expanding and transpiring the different spaces delimited by the figures. Figures as perched on blurred backgrounds, for whose textures the color seems to have filtered, leaving only the trace, the shadow of what it was. Hence, there is no affirmation of color in these funds. Or at least, the intensity of it is attenuated, because in these backgrounds, what is sought rather is the levity of a light that contains the auras of all. Hence too, that feeling of weightlessness, that leap into the void of a gaze that, projecting equilibrium in all directions, ‘appeases’ the tension and the areas of expressive disjunctions characteristic of his pictorial gesture.