After a tumultuous ride Kor got his master’s degree in fine arts at the Dutch
Art Institute (DAI) in 2005. Kor returned to Groningen where he once
studied fine arts at Academie Minerva. In these years the groundwork was
layed for his artistic career. Already in his years at Academy Minerva Kor
showed a keen interest in nature and science. And later having a
mathematician as a mentor at DAI made sure he would embrace this flavor
of arts to the fullest extent ever since. In Groningen he started producing
‘instruments’; applied artistic extensions of the senses. These autonomous
instruments would be played by physical aspects of the surroundings they
were exposed to. Transducing for instance what they ‘felt’ into musical
score and play it. But also, a variety of other automatons were made, each
susceptible to some distinct parameter in their physical surroundings. Not
interactive but rather reactive. This line of thought is illustrative of Kor’s
world view. Set up an experiment and see. The interactions of his
instruments with their surroundings illustrate the artists ability to tap into
the fundamentals of reality. What makes pressure sound, why does my
mind construct time, why can we only see so much light? ..Think of a boy
gazing at the stars.
This is all playground. His fascinations for nature and science in all their
marvellous appearances are sincere. At the same time, they function as
vehicles. The ‘why’ is as much about being able to produce the instrument
itself as it is about what insight they convey. Kor is a techno lover,
hopeless audiophile, self-thought in dynamics, electronics and well,
..even sacred geometry. Fine mechanical artmaking is a means of
engaging deeper considerations on science and nature but also a means to
letting off some steam and be hands-on. Without ever expecting a simple
answer to; ‘why these media’ Kor’s body of work has very much been a
means to play out fantasies of being the scientist that would give
definitive answers to reality’s more pressing questions: why, how, is there,
can we, must we and should we? His latest work ‘Timebase’ is illustrative
of the above. It embodies all the aspects that define Kor as a creator. It is a
balanced mix of beauty and craftsmanship on the one hand introducing a
design that to the trained eye has “golden section” written all over it. On
the other it hand underlines Kor’s needs and urges; get to the bottom of
things, master that technique “and surprise myself.