Born in 1941, Simone Pheulpin is a French textile sculptor who lives and works in the Vosges.

Her works are the result of an instinctive expression that uses both the suppleness and firmness of an untreated, natural material, a simple nonbleached cotton.

From her fabric strips and thousands of pins, a veritable vocabulary of forms and shapes with an organic allure, a supernatural world where surprising rocks and the seabed take form, sprung from her spirit and guided by her hands.

For Simone Pheulpin, a fundamentally atypical textile sculptor, folding is a language, her language. Her strips of raw cotton, tirelessly stacked, twisted and connected, produce organic sculptures that reflect Simone Pheulpin’s intense, deep, astonished perspective on nature and convey her view of the world with infinite poetry.

Her sculptures will be exhibited in May/June 2018 in the New Design Museum, London (Loewe Foundation, Craft Prize) and have been exhibited in amazing places full of history such Venetian palaces, mansions in London, Paris and Brussels, Swiss chalets, or European palaces (Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, the Hotel de la Paix in Geneva, the Fairmont Monte Carlo, the Conrad Brussels, ...). In unique museums such as "Villa Empain" in Brussels, "the Museum of Contemporary tapestry" in Angers without forgetting the United States and Asia.

These worldwide exhibitions have allowed Simone Pheulpin’s artworks to integrate the prestigious Public Collection of Victoria and Albert Museum in 2018 and contemporary art Private Collections.