1940 He was born the 15th April Torre-Alhaquime (Cádiz). His family moved very soon to Antequera (Málaga) where he spent his childhood and youth.

1958 He attended the School of Arts in Antequera.

1959 He attended the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville.

1962 He moved to Madrid to enter the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.

1964 He graduated in Fine Arts receiving as well the First National Prize for his good qualifications.
He received a grant from the Ministry of Education.
He became a lecturer in the School of Arts in Madrid.
He taught for three years in the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Madrid)

1965 He received the second prize in Painting in the National Contest of Elche.
He travelled to Paris.

1966 He received a prize in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts from the La Coruña County.
He has his first solo exhibition in the “Club Pueblo” of Madrid.
Illustrates the “El Romancero Gitano” from Federico García Lorca.

1967 He left teaching at the Facylty of Fine Arts of San Fernando to dedicate exclusively to painting.
Second solo exhibition at the Galería Quixote of Madrid.
He made the portrait of poet Gerardo Diego.

1968 He was granted by Fundación Juan March to continue his studies about illustration and painting in Spain.
He received a prize in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts from the Barcelona County.
He attended the Arts seminars in the International University of Menéndez Pelayo in Santander.

1969 He received a new grant from the “Fundación Juan March” to continue his studies in the United States.
He painted the portrait of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.
He moved to New York.

1970 He obtained the prize “Blanco y Negro”.

1971 He participated in collective exhibitions about Spanish contemporary art in the United States.
Prize in Painting Contest of the “Fundación Rodríguez Acosta” of Granada.
He painted the portait of doctor Severo Ochoa.
He married the Spanish art curator Marisa Oropesa.

1972 First solo exhibition in New York in the Staempfli Gallery
1973 He participates in the XXI Biennial International “Fiorino”, Florence.

1974 Solo exhibition in Biosca Gallery.

1975 He is selected to participate in the exhibition “Realismo Fantástico en España”, that travelled among different Europran cities.
He is invited to participate, in representation of Spain, in the Biennial of Sao Paulo, receiving great critics from experts and public.

1976 He participates in a lot of collective exhibitions, both in Spain and United States.

1977 He represented Spain in the XXIII Biennal International dof“Fiorino”, Florence, where he obtained the gold medal, and exhibited his artworks together to Balthus, Guttuso and Varlin.

1978 He was appointed as Antequera’s favourite’s son by the Municipality of Antequera.

1980 He has his first solo exhibition in Paris, in the Gallery Isy Brachot.

1981 He participates in theFIAC in the Grand Palais of Paris.
Arco 81, Gallery Biosca, Madrid.
International Art Fair, Cologne, Gallery Levy.

1982 He exhibited in the Gallery Levy of Hamburg.
Gallery Staempfli, New York, and Arco 82, Madrid.
Participates in numerous colective exhibitions.

1983/84 Participates in FIAC 83 with the Gallery Isy Brachot. Solo Exhibition in the Gallery Isy Brachot, Paris.
Participates in Arco 84 with the Gallery Levy.

1985 Exhibition in Museo San Telmo, San Sebastián.
Participates in Arco 85, Gallery Levy, in “Alrededor del trompe l’oeil”, Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, EE.UU.

1986 Solo exhibition in Gallery Staempfli, New York.
Participates in numerous collectives exhibitions.
Arco 86, Gallery Levy.

1987 One monograph from the artist is published by José Luis Castillo Puche (Espasa – Calpe)
Solo exhibitions in the Gallery Levy, Hamburg, and in the Gallery Staempfli, New York.
Participates in numerous collectives exhibitions.

1988/89 Solo Exhibition in the Caja General de Ahorros de Granada.
Arco 88, Galería Levy.
Participates in numerous collectives exhibitions.

1990 He realices three solo exhibitions of his artworks in paper, in galleries of Heidelberg, Hamburg and Bilbao. Arco 90, FIAC 90, Gallery Levy

1991 He participates in the Exhibition “Realismos en el Arte Español Contemporáneo”, in Asaghi Shimbun Tokio, Osaka, Yokohama and Kioto.

1992 He realized solo exhibitions in Seville and Vitoria, making this time a retrospective of his work.
He is invited to participate in the Expo 92, creating a big sculpture in the center of the building.

1993 Me moves to his studio in Toledo, in order to work in the retrospective exhibition organized by the Municipality of Madrid.

1994 Retrospective exhibition in the Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid.
Participates in numerous collective exhibitions.

1995 The region of Andalucia awarded him with the Gold Medal of Andalucia. He is appointed as Honour Academic of the “Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Santa Isabel de Hungría, Seville”.

1997/2000 Solo itinerant exhibition in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Sofía Imber de Caracas, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Museo Palacio de Bellas Artes de México, Museo Nacional de Arte de La Paz, Museo de Arte de Lima, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Santiago de Chile, Museo Provincial de Caraffa de Córdoba (Argentina), Centro Cultural Recoleta de Buenos Aires.

2001/02 Solo exhibition in the Gallery Levy, Hamburg.
Itinerant Exhibition in the Museo Provincial de Jaén, Centro Cultural Fundación Caja de Granada and Centro Cultural La General, Almería.
Participates in the exhibition about Spanish Contemporary artists hold in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Toledo.

2003/04 Participates in the exhibition “Un siglo de cambios, ABC,” of the National Library of Madrid. He realizes an itinerant exhibition in the Museo Marino Marini of Florence, in the Academy of Sciences and Artse, Belgrado, and in the International Institute of Design, Budapest.

2004 Produced by Caixanova, he realizes exhibitions in the Cultural Centre Caixanova of Vigo and in the “Palacio Municipal Kiosko Alfonso in La Coruña. He is awarded with the Godal Medal of the Málaga County.

2005 He illustrates, commissioned by the Italian editor Franco Maria Ricci, the book tittled “Libro de los sueños” of Jorge Luis Borges.

2006 Solo exhibition in the Gallery Juan Gris, Madrid.
He realizes various collectives exhibitions.
He realized a mural and a monumental sculpture for the Railway Station of Antequera, commissioned by the Ministry of Development.

2008 He exhibited in the Picasso Museum of Barcelona “Olvidando a Velázquez”. He participated in the exhibition “Realidades de la Realidad” that took place in the Fine Arts Museum of Badajoz.

He was awarded with the Prize for Culture, in the category of Visual Arts, by the Madrid County. He participated in a series of Conferences about Contemporary art by the University of Dartmouth (United States).The Hood Museum of Dartmouth (Hanover, NH ,EEUU.) bought one of his artwork for the collection
He participates in ARCO, Madrid.

2009 Sala Almudí, Ayuntamiento de Valencia
Sala Lonja del Pescado, Ayuntamiento de Alicante.
2010 Palacio del Almudí, Murcia.
2011 Galería Juan Gris, Madrid.

2012 He participates in ARCO, Madrid.

2013 Retrospective exhibition in the Palacio de Sástago (Zaragoza)
He participated in a series of Conferences about Contemporary art by the University of Dartmouth (United States). The Hood Museum of Dartmouth (Hanover, NH, EEUU.)

2014 Exhibition Cartography of a trip in the CEART of Fuenlabrada (Madrid). He made an engraving for the series tribute to Los Disparates by Francisco de Goya commissioned by the City Council of Fuendetodos (Zaragoza) and an exhibition of his graphic work takes place in that town.

2015 Cristóbal Toral Exhibition. The poetics of the trip in Santiago de Chile. Exhibition 45 years of the Levy Gallery, Hamburg.

2016 The Sculpture Dialogue (Madrid) and At the table Still life in art at the Museum of Santa Cruz de Toledo. He participates as an image for the candidacy of the Dolmen Site of Antequera, which was finally declared World Heritage. On the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa he illustrates the special edition of La Fiesta del Chivo.

2017 Realistic Exhibitions at the Patio Herreriano Museum in Valladolid, At the table Still life in art at the Caja Vital Foundation of Vitoria and Reality interpreted at the CEART in Fuenlabrada as well as in the exhibition The appearance of the real! Carmen Thyssen Museum, Malaga.
He Illustrates different book covers.