NAOYA (b. 1958) began his artistic career in Japan by assisting his father, Nagae Rokuya, a major figurative sculptor who worked in wood. Nurturing his creativity in this familial context, NAOYA soon cultivated his own style and creative concepts, shaping representational figures out of wood and later bronze and FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) that express his own philosophical worldview. NAOYA populates the imaginary world that he designs, which he calls POLYKANTEN, with fairy-like children, animals with human personalities, and animistic goddesses. The creatures are all related, he says, although each one has its own reason for being. The monochromatic figures, painted entirely in white and made of FRP, stare at viewers with curious and blank expressions, begging for questions about the fantastical worlds they inhabit. Believing in the possibility and potential of multiple universes, NAOYA creates these characters from another world to visit with us here on Earth.


2018: Art Miami, FL
2017: Art New York, NY “The Wonderverse of POLYKANTEN,” Solo Exhibition, Onishi Gallery, NY
2016: Aqua Art Miami, FL; Art Central, Hong Kong
2015: Scope Miami Beach, FL; New Context Conference Tokyo in collaboration with Digital Garage Inc.
2014: Solo Exhibition, Onishi Gallery, NY; Solo Exhibition, Seto City Museum, Aichi, Japan; “Creators of Beauty,” Shikinen-sengu Museum, Ise, Japan
2013: Solo Exhibition, Gallery Nuage, Tokyo, Japan