Eno Masatake explores the technique yu-byo (glaze-painting) in his polychrome porcelain works. This unique method of porcelain painting whereby colors are applied on glazed bisque ware before firing was first developed by the porcelain artist pioneer Fujimoto Yoshimichi (1919–1972). Fujimoto received the title Important Intangible Cultural Asset in 1986 for perfecting this technique which allowed for more nuanced pictorial expressions on porcelain. Akin to Japanese-style or ink painting, the detail involved in yu-byo was previously unattainable by conventional porcelain painting techniques. Eno inherited this technique from Fujimoto’s student, Matsuoka Nobuhiko.

Eno has been fascinated by this distinctive yu-byo technique because it enables him to work with both the austerity of porcelain and softer motifs by matte-glazing and pigment absorption on glazes through several firings for a work. He is also interested in exploring the interrelationship between the vessel’s form and designs, which are often of flowers and plants covering the surface. Since 2009 the artist has been operating his own kiln in Yoshida-cho, Shizuoka prefecture, and continues his endeavors in polychrome porcelain production.


Artist Exhibitions:
2013: Asia Week New York
2009: Built Kiln in Yoshida-cho, Shizuoka prefecture, started own studio  
Tokai Dento Kogei Exhibition
2006-present: Issuikai Togeibu Exhibition
2006: Dento Kogei Shinsaku(New Traditional Craft) Exhibition/dd>
2005: Dento Kogei Shinsaku(New Traditional Craft) Exhibition
2003: New prize Dento Kogei Shinsaku(New Traditional Craft) Exhibition