Hotate Tsuyoshi was born in Chiba prefecture and studied at Chuo University. He established his kiln within the outskirts of the Tokyo metropolitan area. In his various forms such as vases and plates, the artist applies inlays of neutral colored strips over soft gray surfaces. A unique characteristic in his works is the use of clay that contains metal that turns into different gradients of black upon firing. Since the base of the clay is black, the grey does not appear intrusive but remains subtle. His abstract designs showing the delicate transition from a dark hue to light gray and then to white, are inspired from the sky after a storm, when the sun lightly illuminates white and grey clouds. By using various firing methods and tools such as a sponge, he is also able to give the surface of his works unique textures; patterns are created by shaving the surfaces and applying inlays of colored clay.

Hotate has exhibited his works at the Japan Traditional Art Crafts and at the Japan Fine Arts exhibitions. The artist has received numerous awards in Japan, including a recent prize at the Kikuchi Biennale, one of the most prestigious competitions for contemporary ceramicists in Japan.


Selected Exhibitions:
2015–2016: Asia Week, New York, US
2014-2015: TOBI Exhibition, Takashimaya, Tokyo
2014: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics by Living National Treasures and Other Masters, Embassy of Japan, Washington DC
Asia Week New York 2014, Onishi Gallery, NY
2012: Ceramic Art Foundation Exhibition, National Art Center, Tokyo