1978 - 1982 study of theater dramatics, art history and newer german literature in Nürnberg
1982 - 1988 study of free painting, advanced student

1984 artaward from the city of Fürth
1989 may - october, of the state of bavaria for „Cite international“ des Arts – Paris


Exhibitions ex 1999

1999 Dec. „Kunstwerk 2“ Nürnberg, Germany
2000 Nov. Theater of Nürnberg, Germany
2001 Oct. Palais Sutterheim, Erlangen, Germany
2002 May Gallery Bernsteinzimmer, Nürnberg
2002 July (contemporary art in Franken) artassociation Erlangen, Germany
2002 Oct LICHT FELD 2 Exhibition, Nürnberg (ex. empty commercial center Nürnberg)
2003 June LICHT FELD 3 Exhibition, Basel (formerly Industry areal sulzer burckhardt)
2003 Aug. Positions and tendez, Nürnberg
2004 June LICHT FELD 4 Exhibition, Basel formerly Industry areal sulzer burckhardt)
2004 Nov. Feedback, Art academy, Nürnberg
2005 June LICHT FELD 5 Exhibition, Basel (modern building from the architekts Zwimpfer
Partner, Basel)
2006 June LICHT FELD 6 Exhibition, Basel (formerly. Industry areal sulzer burckhardt)
2007 Aug. LICHT FELD 7 Exhibition, Basel (formerly. American optical building)

Exhibitions 10 comeing up

2010 Sept. LICHT FELD 10 Exhibition, Basel (formerly. American optical building)
Vernissage 18. Sept. 2008 19h

Artfairs 07-10 represented by LICHT FELD

2007 Dec. SCOPE Miami
2008 March SCOPE NYC
2008 June SCOPE Basel
2008 July SCOPE Hamptons
2008 Oct Contemporary Istanbul
2008 Dec. SCOPE Miami
2009 March SCOPE NYC
2009 June SCOPE Basel
2009 Dec. SCOPE Miami
2010 March SCOPE NYC
2019 December ArtMiami


- Ellyn and Saul Dennison NJ, USA
- GRANDE FINALE Collection and Artfabric, in France
- Philip Berman, privat Collector New Jersey/Miami, USA
- Ruedi Sutter, privat collector, Basel, Switzerland
- K. Kovalenko, privat collector, NYC, USA