Born into the Yoshita family of porcelain artists and the son of Living National Treasure, Yoshita Minori (b. 1932), Yukio forged an independent style in his work that echoes the traditional Kutani overglaze techniques of his native Kanazawa. At the same time, his work reflects his own aesthetic sensibilities.

Yoshita’s experimentation with colors such as the faded pastel shades that recall frescoes of the Italian Renaissance and the poetic representations of color akin to watercolor drawings on porcelain surfaces, are his special achievements. His works standout among the bold-colors and smooth surfaces of traditional Kutani ware, and he applies pastel matte glazes to the white porcelain bodies of elegant vessels, often painted in overlapping or blurred abstract patterns. He also uses metallic gold overglazes to highlight the designs. In 2017, for the first time, Yoshita introduced Kinzangama Kiln which was founded in 1906 by the Yoshita family to Maison & Objet, Paris.


Selected Exhibitions:
2013-2018: Asia Week, New York, US
2017: The 64th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition, Japan
2016: Craft Arts: Innovation of “Tradition and Avant-Garde,” and the Present Day, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
2015: Kikuchi Biennale, Musée Tomo, Tokyo, Japan
2014: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics, Embassy of Japan, Washington D.C., US
2013: Heritage: Japanese Works of Art by Contemporary Artists
2011: Contemporary Kōgei Art Fair, Tokyo International Forum, Japan