Ōtsuki Masako graduated from the Department of Design at Tama Art University, Tokyo, in 1966, and has incorporated design skills into her metalwork pieces. Ōtsuki has stated that in artwork, highly developed techniques should meet refined designs to appeal to audiences. She applies the hatsuri (shave and carve) technique in her works, carving distinctive and fine angled lines by using chisels onto the base metals. This technique gives the work three-dimensional effects with perspective and shadows. Gold, silver, copper, and a copper-silver alloy, all of varying degrees of solubility, are precisely handled by Ōtsuki with great focus and intensity. In addition, the skilled engraving gives her work the finishing touch, lending metal, a cold medium, a feeling of warmth and life in the artist’s forms.


Selected Exhibitions:
2016-2018 Asia Week, New York, US
2017 The 64th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition, Japan
2016 The 45th Japan Traditional Kōgei Metalwork Exhibition, Sekido Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
2015 SOFA Chicago, Illinois, US
2013 From Craft to Kōgei, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
2004 Contemporary Japanese Metalwork Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark