Rhed is a young emerging artist whose cultural background is diverse and unconventional. His childhood was spent between New York and London which have given him an eclectic and diverse artistic background. He has embraced a style of art with expressionist style and street energy and it is no surprise that he first dabbled as a graffiti artist. His works are unique and brilliantly chaotic with a playful and performative aspect. Societal conflicts such as the obsession with social media, fixation on celebrities & labels and issues such as drug abuse and depression are subjects that he approaches in a coded fashion; it is almost as if the artist uses the paintings to act as a spokesman for the millennial generation who have overdosed on a toxic society.

He has disguised the foreboding subjects with his use of colour which is bold & dominating. The texture in his paintings is deliberately forceful and layered and there are obvious influences from Picasso to Basquiat. What we are witnessing is a genuine desire to create an expressive language of emotion and storytelling which is laid bare on the canvas. Whilst using drawing as the key component in his paintings, the strong figurative Influence is refreshing from an emerging artist whose generation has largely forgotten the art of drawing.

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On a Night Like This, 2019