Mann’s body of work looks at identity, self, and how we understand others. Each piece is an existential exploration into reality, depicted in large hyper realistic oil paintings. Her newest body of work is comprised of self-portraits exploring the creation of identity, and how we understand ourselves through that lens. We are always changing, and basing who we are on our memories of ourselves. Mann explores the realness of identity, and its relation to our culture and the society we live in now. In the society of "me", where we document ourselves like celebrities and share our lives online for everyone, the self is a prevalent, and important topic to our generation. Our identities are curated like our online profiles to reflect only the parts of ourselves we chose to keep alive. Who am I? Who are you? What does my life mean? Why am I alive? Mann's work aims to address these very illusive questions, and explore, but not necessarily answer all of them.

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I don't feel blue, I feel Delft blue