Giorgio de Chirico (Volo, 10 July 1888 - Rome, 20 November 1978) was an Italian painter and writer, the main
exponent of the artistic current of metaphysical painting. The works that de Chirico painted before the birth of
metaphysics were defined as enigmatic. His subjects were inspired by the daylight of Mediterranean cities, but
then he gradually turned his attention to classical architecture. The works carried out from 1915 to 1925 were
characterized by the recurrence of essential architectures, proposed in unrealistic perspectives immersed in a
transcendent and ghostly climate. In the various metaphysical interiors, objects totally incongruous with
respect to the context were painted in those years (for example a rowboat in a living room), represented with
obsessive minutiae, a definition so precise as to have an effect contrary to that of realism.
In his art, in fact, an original and romantic interpretation of classicism and an interest in the technique of the
great Renaissance masters made themselves felt more and more.
He therefore painted naturalist canvases and executed numerous portraits, with warm but firm colors. He
became interested in terracotta sculpture and translated his favorite subjects into the third dimension. He
continued to paint at the same time works of metaphysical atmosphere and traditional plant and the most used colors were cobalt, ultramarine, vermilion in bright shades, and various shades of green. Many self-portraits and portraits, several still lifes were made in tempera.


2015 Shopping Brugnato 5 Terre, Brugnato ( La Spezia)
2015 Palazzo delle Paure, Lecco
2015 Villa Olmo, Como
2015 Palazzo Mathis, Bra (Cuneo)
2015 Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara
2015 Galleria Tonelli, Milano
2016 Mediateca Marte, Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno)
2016 Metamorfosi art Gallery, Spoleto (Pg)
2016 Museo Diocesano, Fabriano (Ancona)

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