Alberto Lenzi was born in Bologna on 20 December 1959 and at the age of 23 he began to deal with advertising for important Italian and international companies. It is the closeness to his father, one of the first great Italian advertising art directors, that makes him love and know the means of expression potentially contained in cameras. He starts with a Polaroid “to learn to capture the unrepeatable and unique moments of a subject” as his father taught him. With a Polaroid you don't have a second chance, the next shot is completely different: learning to stop now, in the immediacy of an instinctive gesture, an image thought and 'drawn' in the mind, perhaps for days, is the secret to achieving a photo that knows how to convey what you have inside. Photographic expression becomes one of her favorite ways and when she finds herself having to create images for the fashion world with "woman" as a theme to emphasize, she begins to imagine her creatively, trying to capture the inner aspects of her models and not the pure expression of their "physicality". Hence the thought of building images of women "for himself", images that started his artistic production that has received recognition from both the media and careful collectors.


2019 Art Miami ; arte Fiera Bologna
2018 Arte Fiera Milano; Arte Fiera Bologna