Norberto Proietti was born in Spello in 1927. Given his later inclinations, he could not have been born there by chance: Spello is one of the most intact and poetic medieval villages of Umbria, immersed in a luxuriant and serene nature, enriched by the artistic testimonies of Pinturicchio and by Perugino The economic difficulties of the family forced him to work early as a tailor in an uncle's shop, following him in his transfers, between the 1940s and the early 1950s, from Rome to Bergamo. The first manifestations of a creative spirit are not lacking from time to ,exhibited his talent by sketching some figure with the tip of the scissors one day, using the stucco left in his home by some painters, he prepares the bottom of a tablet, engraves and colors it, starting, so to speak, to outline a first form of completely personal expressive technique.The discovery of one's destiny, as in any self-respecting fairy tale, soon leads to success. Dedicated exclusively to painting since 1961, after some skilful tests in sculpture, Norberto exhibited in 1962 in Luxembourg and in 1965-1966 in America, in Memphis, immediately offering himself to the international market.


2019 Arte Fiera Milano; Art Miami
2018 Arte Fiera Padova ; Arte Fiera Bologna; Arte Fiera Milano