Dario Goldaniga was born in Milan, where he lives and works, in 1960.
He studied sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and later began his artistic experience under the guidance of Japanese artist Kengiro Azuman: at the same time , he worked as assistant to Gianni Colombo.
He subsequently embarked upon an independent artistic path that witnessed his works being part of important private and public Italian collections ( Bracco Foundation, CAM Casoria Museum Regione Lombardia, Rocco Guglielmo Foundation) in addition to those abroad ( private collection in Hong Kong, Singapore,London, Mumbai).
Since 1985 has been teaching sculpture at the Sacro Cuore art lyceum in Milan.
The artist chooses to use
residual elements from the lost-wax bronze process, known since the ancient Greeks. Inside a terracotta mold, there is a wax sculpture, the latter melting when the liquid bronze is poured. Between fumes, vapors and lapilli, the incandescent metal fills the mold as if it were a bottle, until it comes out and then cools down.

The excess parts that cool quickly in the air are twisted, sometimes very burnt and dark, other times gold-colored or green like oxidized copper. Dario Goldaniga, by selecting precisely these fragments of unfinished works of art, allows them to enter a new composition, a new creation, giving them a second chance and finally allowing them to sublimate into a work of art.


2019 43° Arte Fiera Bologna ; Art Miami
2018 42° Arte Fiera Bologna
2017 41° Arte Fiera Bologna
2016 PARATISSIMA Torino ; Cortina summer Group Show Cortina d'Ampezzo; 40° Arte Fiera Bologna

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