How many artists can solve the heavy theme of lonely human alienation and crooked social reality in a light and bright formative language? Artist Jihi draws pastel images on panels which, at first glance, seem to be simple, graffiti-like characters. Yet, these primitive forms combine to create an allegory full of highly implicit symbols. JIHI explores the ironic combination of pop art materials and everyday and romantic modernity, crossing the boundaries between lightness and insight, graffiti and art. Narrative is inferred and imagination roused through short segments of text amongst the repeated symbols.


2019 EFIL Plastic Surgery Centre, Kidari Gallery, Daegu
2018 COCO Land, Kara’s Gallery, Cheongdam-dong
2018 #LIKE, Playce Camp, Jeju Island
2018 #LIKE, BIGKISS Solo, art247gallery, Gyeonglidangil-street
2018 #LIKE, Gallery Tom, Tomntoms Black, Cheonggye Plaza
2017 Café Snowing, JB Gallery, Yeonnam-dong
2017 Louis Quatorze Gallery, Cheongdam-dong
2017 Furnimass, Show Room, Nonhyeon-dong
2017 Dialogue, Café MIEL, Cheongdam-dong
2016 Dialogue, Gallery Tom, Tomntoms Black, Cheongdam-dong
2016 Dialogue, United Gallery, Gangnam Station
2016 LOVE ESSAY, Café MIEL, Cheongdam-dong
2015 Express One’s Love, Baeky Gallery, Jeonju
2014 Love Essay, Hwabong Gallery, Insadong