Elisa Anfuso was born in 1982 in Catania, where she lives and works. She holds a degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania and a specialization in Art Education.
In 2010 he was among the winners of the International "Arte Laguna" prize, finalist of the "Combat" prize, she received an honorable mention at the "Premio Celeste" prize and won the competition "Subway Editions". In 2011 she was among the finalists of the"Arte Mondadori" prize.
In these years she was selected and participated in important exhibitions and fairs of contemporary art. His works are in important private collections.She collaborates with Liquid Art System since 2013.
A careful reflection underlies the work of Elisa Anfuso. As a game, the artist seems to paint; as a game, she seems to portray the reality, although her painting is so refined and so precise in characterizing every single detail on the canvas.
The communication that Elisa Anfuso creates between the figurative level and the “imaginative” level – that she portrays on the background with the lines of a child drawing – underlines the integration between the actual actions made by her characters and their will to carry them out, which often comes from wishes, experiments, memories, encounters, and so on, arising from childhood.
We are aware of a few wishes, a few dreams, during the childhood, and they go along with us for all of our life. Many of our actions, of our behaviours, just support those urges which arise from our childhood experiments... as a game, indeed.
Disguising, imaginary conversations with objects and animals, unusual connections between visual elements which belong to different sensorial spheres or to different contexts seem to be built on Elisa Anfuso's canvases to show the hidden side of our conscience, which nevertheless is always real and go along with us for all of our life.