Fine Art artist, Metis Atash, is as dynamic as the pieces that she meticulously sketches, sculpts, and brings to life. German by nationality but truly a citizen of the world, Metis’s vast global travel to places far and wide eventually lead her to the location of Miami Beach. After successfully operating her own investor relations consultancy boutique in Munich, Germany in 2006, Metis, a graduate of political science and economics, decided to turn her devotion and passion for art, and design into the creation of one-of-a kind sculptures.
Metis sculpts in fiberglass and uses acrylic paint, automotive lacquer and SWAROVSKI Crystals to enhance her pieces. All of her creations are subject to a multi-step process involving clay modeling, molding, sculpting, sanding and lacquering. The objective of her work is inspired by the ancient teachings of the DAOISM. The word DAO translates as "path" or "way" of life. Metis' pieces are aimed to be perceived as the mirror of our eternal souls. They showcase the duality in life and the merging of our inner beings with our physical beings.
Metis’s fierce entrepreneurial spirit and gift for business has lead to the meteoric rise of her work in visibility around the globe. Her creations have been exhibited in select galleries and showrooms throughout the United States and Europe. Metis’s intention is to create pieces that breathe and exhale uniqueness and individuality. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and awards the living space with an aura of captivating experience. “In order to understand my work, one must understand my journey and my ongoing search to connect with something greater than myself... with the source of my inner being." Metis Atash

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FUNKYBUDDHA large ""ONE VIBRATION"" feat. Einstein

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PUNKBUDDHA large ""YES DARLING"" feat Lichtenstein

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