Lina Condes was born in Cherkassy, Ukraine in 1988. As an artist of a new generation, Lina Condes incorporates principles of bionic architecture and design into her work. Her sculptures reflect the emptiness and anonymity of common actions that have no attachment to color, creed, gender, religion, language or sexual orientation. They are hysterically self-aware and shameless in their straightforward crudity. Condes render her work via computer technology, but the end result is far from mechanized. She presents her figures as nameless, featureless entities performing a physical act that only living beings can observe and appreciate. Solo presentations of her work have been held at the M17 Contemporary Art Center and in the Trade Chamber of Ukraine in Kiev. In 2016, Lina Condes was awarded on “IEAA Best of International Emerging Artist Award” in Dubai (UAE). In 2017, Condes presented her solo project “Extraterrestrial Odyssey” at the Venice Biennale.