Born in Australia, raised in the South of France and currently residing in Texas, Gil Bruvel explores the nature of perception in his Bending The Lines series through sculptures and three-dimensional wall pieces composed of hundreds of colorfully painted wooden blocks. By uniting a seemingly infinite number of miniature cubes and rectangles, the artist creates a coherent whole that pulsates with the vibrant energy of its internal diversity. The sense of dynamic fluidity within the work is further heightened by the radiant tones of its painted surface.

The intentional gaps of negative spaces found in Bruvel’s relief compositions reveal unique perceptions of each sculptural piece from various viewing perspectives, allowing the work to recreate itself through the agency of the viewer. Bruvel’s exploration of the distortion of realities, duality, and multiple perspectives is informed by his daily meditative practice, inspiring the artist to investigate the interaction between human consciousness and mystery within his work.

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Bending the Lines: #34