Ardan Ozmenoglu is a mixed-media contemporary artist characterized by her original use of medium, design, and content.
She is recognized for her distinct usage of post-it notes in an attempt to depict her everyday life living/working in Istanbul. Her technique involves adhering an array of post-it notes to her canvases as a base, topped by silk-screened vibrant imagery derived from popular culture. The result is a three-dimensional surface, adding a sense of depth and dimension to her work. The process of making a screen print is both precise and experimental, requiring careful preparation yet simultaneously allows for unplanned elements to enter the composition such as accidental smudges and spills that remain as part of the finished product. It is the double nature of the screen-printing process, its orientation to technological precision, and its openness to chance, that fascinate her most as an artist.

In her neon objects, glass works and installations Ardan Ozmenoglu takes a probing look at a wide range of phenomena in contemporary society. Many of her works are informed by her own biography, but they also set a universal example of the artistic examination of national and cultural identity, individuality, and collective visual memory. Her refined, subtle works are precisely conceived narratives, visualized through the use of iconic images or illustrations taken from other contexts. Her work always reflects from the special position as a Turkish artist in the beginning of the 21st century, creating art that couldn’t be closer to current affairs. She creates in her art a position that knows how to process both culture-historical tendencies and socio-politically highly relevant themes with a playful, ironic smile.


Since her first exhibition in 2006, her work has been featured in over forty exhibitions in the USA and abroad including Istanbul, Basel, Berlin, London, and Milan. Her works can also be found in important collections internationally such as the Frankfurt Airport Collection, Osthaus Museum Hagen Collection, Kala Art Institute Collection, Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, UniCredit Bank Art Collection, and the Istanbul Modern Collection amongst others.

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