Pablo was born the 23rd of August, 1954 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He was inspired in his artistic endeavors by his father Pedro, an art lover and a frequent presence at the workshop of Uruguayan master Joaquín Torres García. From a very young age he perceived the great interest and aptitude Pablo had manifested in art, so he stimulated him to enter the field of painting. Nowadays he represents a reality in art and international sculpture, within the most interesting and dynamic, bearing in mind how his international activities generate for him such great exchange with other artists, and how he builds with ease a communication bridge between the art of Europe and Latin America.


2011 Holllis Taggart Galeries New York
2010 Albemarle Gallery London
Bienvenu Gallery New Orleans
2008 Albemarle Gallery London
Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales Montevideo
2007 Museu Oscar Niemeyer Curitiba
Museu Brasileiro de Escultura São Paulo
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Brasilia
Lagorio Arte Contemporanea Brescia
Frey Norris Gallery San Francisco
2006 Albemarle Gallery London
Groeninge Museum Bruges
Galeria Sur Punta del Este - La Barra
Gary Nader Fine Art Miami
2005 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes Buenos Aires
Park Ryu Sook Gallery Seoul
Gary Nader Fine Art Miami
2004 Galeria Tejeria Loppacher Punta del Este - Uruguay
Galleria Rino Costa Valenza
Villa Monastero Varenna
Albemarle Gallery London

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