Ever since I started photography, a few years ago, I have followed one simple principle: “It is not about what you see but how you see it”.

When I started clicking and capturing real life around me, all the art books I had read during my childhood made sense: From Cubism and Abstract Art to Russian Avant Garde and Constructivism... Each single image had determined the way I looked at things around me when I was put against the challenge to create.

When you look at things with a new eye, you live again. You realise how powerful you can become just by pushing others to see what they may not be able to see by themselves. You also end up realising that there is no such thing as an ideal place to photograph, or an ideal city. Architecture can, of course, be a source of inspiration, but what makes things more interesting is questioning ourselves about contexts, aesthetics, and our ability to redefine our understanding of what we already think we know, and exploring the thin line between the ugly and the beautiful, the ordinary and the extraordinary, between chaos and order, reality and Art…