Born in Southampton Allen Jones studied at the Hornsey School of Art (1958/9) and at the Royal College (1959/60) from which he was expelled for 'excessive independence'. Probably on account of his quality, he was contracted to a dealer barely six moths after his expulsion, and from this point onwards his career was assured. One of the most seccesful British Pop artists, his early work explored urban themes. He painted a series of paintings based on red London buses, using shaped canvases to infer movement, his intention not just to portrait the vehicle, but to create a 'red-bus-picture', subject and canvas fused together. From the twisting male and female figures into Surrealist inspired puzzles, reflecting the artist's interest in the physical relationship and the balance of male and female power as explored in the writings of Jung and Nietzsche. This concern with sexuality was to reach its peak in his famous nudes. Taking his images from girlie magazines, and popular fetichism, his pneumatic ladies strut about in leather, stockings and stiletto heel, the embodiment of the pop art lady. Jones experimented with paintings and sculpture, his work both celebrating and parodying these creations of male fantasy.

A successful designer for theatre, cinema and television, painting nevertheless remains Jones' dominant interest and his work has been celebrated in many exhibtions throughout the world.