CARMELO ARDEN QUIN (Rivera, Uruguay, 1913). Painter and sculptor. Meets Torres García in 1935 and in 1937 moves to Buenos Aires, where he organizes in 1943 the group Arturo together with other avant-garde artists; their magazine is the first to promote abstract art in Latin America. He announces the creation of MADI in 1946, initiating a new current in abstract art. The gallery Suzanne Michel of Paris organizes the first MADI exhibition (1951). In 1955, he participates in the first Non-Figurative Art Salon organized by the Van Riel Gallery. In 1963 he exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. An exhibition in his honor is presented in 1983 atEspace Latino-Americaine in Paris. New York’s MOMA devotes a preeminent place to him in 1992 during its Latin American Art exhibition. In 2003, he exhibits his work at Buenos Aires’ Recoleta and in 2006 at Durban Segnini Gallery of Miami.