Fernando Botero is an internationally renowned Colombian artist (Medellin 1939), his works can be found in
famous museums and in prestigious private collections. His large (or rather fat) figures he paints are the
hallmark of his works. Behind these "always big" characters, there is a motivation that has nothing to do with
the size but with the "expansion of the figures in space"
The first work with a large figure depicts an object, a mandolin. The representation of the object is greatly
amplified: the volume recreated on the canvas amazed Botero himself for its sensual and "dimensional" value.
After this first "dilation", the Master of MedellĂ­n defined a new personal style, dilating animals, human beings
and other objects. Abundance is positivity, wealth, life. An ancestral dimension enriched by the sensuality of
forms. Its dilation is therefore a tension towards positivity.


2015 Palazzo Comunale, Spoleto (Pg)
2016 Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma
2017 Complesso Vittoriano, Roma
2018 Amo Arena Museo Opera, Verona
2019 Palazzo Pallavicini, Bologna
2020 Centro Centro, Madrid