Lacquer is a nebulously transparent material used to coat infinite layers upon layers upon bare surfaces, thereby imbuing them with a nearly eternal, even indestructible quality. It is this organic and enigmatic beauty of lacquer, its essence of virtual exteriors revealing hidden interiors, that fascinates the sculptor Nobuyuki Tanaka (1959 - ), widely considered to be the leading lacquer artist of his generation. Tanaka’s reflective and radiant sculptures in lacquer are towering odes to space itself, and challenge the viewer to almost question whether his or her reflection appearing on the surfaces of Tanaka’s works are in fact manifestations of unknown dimensions. Tanaka masterfully manipulates the unique qualities of lacquer to create a fluid symbiosis that captures the interconnectivity of facades and their interiors, not only elegantly crafted yet are almost ethereal in their sheer beauty.


TEFAF Maastricht, Collect