Pristine forests, rugged ravines, gentle rivers and quiet mountains. Such are the landscapes that artist Ken Mihara (1958- ) witnessed as a child, growing up in the majestic scenery of Izumo in Western Japan. With natural surroundings of great beauty, steeped in the mysticism of ancient Shinto lore, Mihara’s solemn stoneware are borne and influenced from deeply idyllic environs. His works are far more than odes to nature, however. They are, above all, a window into the artist’s soul, and are monuments of self-expression that capture and convey the Ken Mihara of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. With consecutively sold-out exhibitions in Tokyo and NYC since 2008, and with acquisitions by leading institutions such as the Metropolitan and the Victoria & Albert Museums, among many others, Mihara’s works have captivated a global audience, in effect propelling the artist as one of the frontrunners of contemporary Japanese ceramics.


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