Adislen Reyes was born in 1984, in Havana. She is an artist and also a professor of printmaking at the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, where she herself had studied. The next step in her artistic journey was at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) where Reyes completed her degree in 2010. Since then, this artist has created several noteworthy bodies of work.

Reyes has exhibited extensively in Havana and further afield on the island. After appearing in the 11th edition of Havana’s renowned Biennial, her work was again selected to display in the official galleries of the 2015 Biennial held last May. She is also becoming known outside Cuba following group shows in numerous cities including in Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Berlin, Belize, Beijing, Taipei, and Madrid. Reyes was awarded the Havana-Cultura scholarship in 2012 and came second in an important exhibition of contemporary art in 2014 in Havana entitled Post-It.


Personal exhibitions


-After the silver line, Villa Manuela Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

- Agency, bi-personal with John Deneuve, Palace of the Second Cape, Havana, Cuba.


-Passion and Containment. Bi-personal with Lancelot Alonso. Artemorfosis Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.


-Patience. Galiano Gallery, Havana.

-Crisis. Cabaña Fortress, XII Havana Biennial.


-Replay. Gallery of the Vitrinas de Wallonia center, Old Square, Havana.


-Lace. Gallery 23 and 12, Havana.


-Happy boys & girls. Gallery 23 and 12, Havana.


-Show personnel as part of the Inventory project, (No. 016). Ludwig Foundation of Cuba.


Group Exhibitions


-HB, Alicia Alonso Grand Theater, XIII Havana Biennial.

–New lights for a city, Hotel Gran Manzana, XIII Havana Biennial.

-Illness has color, Estudio 50, XIII Havana Biennial.

-Art on paper, New York USA.


-In smell of crowds, Cuban Art Factory, Havana, Cuba.

-Art international Zurich, Switzerland.

–The given land, Cuba Pavilion, Havana, Cuba.

The night upside down, La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

- Smell of rain, CDAV, Havana, Cuba.

–XXY Smoke and mirrors, Alejo Carpentier Hall, Great Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso, Havana, Cuba.

-The longest trip, Tianquiao Performing Arts Center, Beijing, China.

- Stations, exhibition for the 200th anniversary of the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba.


-Seasons. Exhibition for the 200th anniversary of the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Havana.

-Watchtower. Gorría Workshop Gallery, Havana.

-Art International Zurich. Switzerland.

-I'm from everywhere and everywhere I go. Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

-Art knows no boundaries: Cuban art in the US. Octavia Art Gallery, New Orleans.

-Dialogues. Evolution gallery by fleeting, Lima.

-File XX. Acacia Gallery, Havana.

-82 * W six degrees of separation. Thomas Center Main Gallery, Gainesville.


-Present! Contemporary art from Cuba. GX Gallery, London.

-Strength and blood. Alicia Alonso Theater Gallery, Havana.

-If you don't want to go, go to bed. Galiano Gallery, Havana.

-Art / xiomas. Museum of Art of the Americas. Washington DC

-Straight from Cuba. A woman’s perspective. Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica.

-Strength and Blood; imaginary of the flag in Cuban art. Cuba pavilion.

-Signals of Cuba: ‘feminine proposals”. European Parliament, Brussels

-Basic instinct. Work on paper in the CNAP collection. Cervantes Institute, Rome.


-Misbehaving: artist’s books by woman artists. Vassar College Art Library, NY.

-Art / xiomas. Cultural Center of Spain in Miami.

-Art books. Castillo del Morro, XII Biennial of Havana.

-De facto. XO HO (alternative gallery), XII Havana Biennial.

-Ram Rom Rum. Loft Habana (alternative space), XII Havana Biennial.

-Territories. Galiano Gallery, XII Biennial of Havana.

-Printmaking in Cuba today. Rider University Art Gallery, New Jersey.

-Ethics and aesthetics. International Press Center Gallery, Havana.


-Post-it. 7th and 18th Gallery, Havana.

-Cuban Art crossroads. Nina Fine Art Gallery, Miami.

-Cuban art. Voices and poetic women (1990-2013), Oakland Art Murmur, San Francisco.

-Cachipun. Cuban Art Factory, Havana.

-To this side of paradise. Gallery The kingdom of this world, National Library, Havana.

-Macha, male, male: the female artist in the beard of Cuban art. Studio XX, Montreal.

-In pink. Gallery Collage Habana, Havana.


-Post-it. Gallery Collage Habana, Havana.

-VIII National Engraving Meeting. Center of Development of the Visual Arts, Havana.

-Festival They create, ¨Gender thing. Embassy of Spain, Havana.

-Statement. Day for Cuban Culture, Cuba Pavilion, Havana.

-Cuban art. Voices and poetic women (1990-2013): Arc Studio & Gallery, San Francisco. San Francisco Gallery. SF Gallery Arts Venue.

-Santo recorded. Lezama Lima House Museum, Havana.

-Visitor. Embassy of Spain, Havana.

-On the other side of the mirror. Servando Gallery, Havana.


-Gulliver. Freies Museum Berlin.

-Eva warns about apples. Cinema of 23 and 12, Havana.

-A smell that comes through my window. Rum Museum, XI Havana Biennial.

-In bad form. La Cabaña, XI Havana Biennial.

-Survivors of the summer. Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro, XI Havana Biennial.

-Havana Open House. Project sponsored by the Servando Gallery. Collateral to the XI Havana Biennial.

-Engraved in memory. ISA Gallery, Havana.


-Rare beauty: Contemporary visions in book arts. Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT.

-Hand made in Cuba. Lafayette Collage, Special Collections, Skillman Library, Easton, PA.

-Puzzle. Servando Gallery, Havana.

-Puzzle: Identity, Servando Cabrera Gallery, Havana, Cuba

- Whirlpool II. Havana Gallery.
- Whirlpool II. Havana Gallery.

-Prints 52. 5th Fair of the Stamp. Engraving Workshop Hundred fires.

-The Arsenal. Exhibition hall of Puerta de Toledo, Madrid City Council.

-Boomerang. Galleries of the Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro, Havana.


-The double look game. René Portocarrero Gallery. National theater. Havana.

-The end of the bullet. Cuba pavilion. Havana.

-Whirlwind. San Antonio María Claret Cultural Center, Santiago de Cuba.

-Cuba Avant-Garde. Xin Dongcheng Gallery, Beijing, China.

-Heads. Servando Gallery, Havana.


-Landings 10. Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize.

-Making connections: Contemporary Cuban Printmakers. Laconia Gallery, Boston.

-The fool on the hill. Villa Manuela Gallery. Havana.

-Inventory No. 047. Conference for sexual diversity. Ludwig Foundation of Cuba.

-Over and out. Collateral exhibition at the X Havana Biennial. ISA Gallery.

-Landings 9. The Forum. Image Factory Art Foundation. Belize City


-Landings 8. Taipei Fine Art Museum. Chinese Taipei.


-Landings 7. Haydee Santamaría Gallery, House of the Americas, Havana.

-Landings 6. Latin American Gallery, House of the Americas, Havana.

-Landings 5. The Art Museum of the Americas, Washington DC.

-Landings 4. MADC, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, San José.


-Multiple footprint. Convent of San Francisco de Asís, Havana.


-Made in Krausse. Center of Art and Design, Light and Crafts, Havana.


-Academic. San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Havana.


Awards received

2014– Post-it Award, exhibition selling Cuban contemporary art.

2012– Scholarship granted by the Havana-Cultura Artistic Production Aid Project.


Other activities

2015– Jury of the Post-it event, Havana.

2013– Auction in aid to the fight against cancer, Official Residence of Canada, Havana.

2012– Auction in aid to the fight against cancer, Official Residence of Canada, Havana.

2006– Performance directed by Richard Martell, 9 Havana Biennial.

2005– Illustrations for the newspaper “La Jiribilla”, Havana.



His works are in collections in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Belgium, England, China, Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein and Cuba.