Anchored by an intuitive awareness of spatial order, Kit Reuther employs her own brand of architectural abstraction to deconstruct representational forms in paintings and sculptures. While minimalist and seemingly restrained, her works hum with a tranquil yet emotive energy. Her most recent paintings loosely reference still life compositions organized across the canvas, where washes of color, abstracted geometry, bits of texture, and gestural markings make the suggestion of form. The evidence of her hand in layering and spreading of paint, sometimes beyond the frame, animates expanses of negative space within neutral, earthy palettes. As an extension of her paintings, Reuther’s powerful sculptural works are sleek, linear distortions of abstracted shapes and more organic, totemic forms. Reuther’s elegant juxtapositions of forms and approaches recalls masters of abstract sculpture and painting like Louise Nevelson, Cy Twombly, Alberto Giacometti, and Constantin Brancusi.

Kit Reuther, a graduate of the O’More School of Design, in Nashville, is a born and bred Nashville artist. She has been awarded artist fellowships from the Vermont Studio Center and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She participated in the VCCA International Residency Program in Germany and the Contemporary Artists Center Residency in Massachusetts. She exhibits frequently across the United States, including San Francisco, Santa Fe, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville and Memphis. Her works are in the collections of Ridgemont Equity Partners, Charlotte; Woodmont Booth Trust, California; Tennessee State Museum, Nashville; Landers & Associates, Memphis; A Tennessee Collection, TN Senatorial Office, Washington, DC; BellSouth Building, Nashville; Southeastern Asset Management, Memphis; nexAir, Memphis; Duncan Williams Inc., Memphis; Dollar General Collection, Nashville; and Nordstrom stores across the country.

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