Gabrielle Graessle was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1956 and has been fascinated by painting and drawing since she was a child.
She attended the Zurich Art School for 5 years, where she completed a degree in graphic design.
The first exhibitions took place while she was still a student. During this time she made mainly black and white charcoal drawings in which she spontaneously depicted her personal imagery.
For 15 years she was represented in various galleries in Switzerland, and many of her charcoal drawings hang in private and public collections.
At the beginning of 2000, she and her partner emigrated to France and later to Spain, where they were involved in renovation projects for old houses. At that time, Graessle means of expression were mainly drawings and sketchbooks.
In 2015, she settled down in Andalusia, and decided to immerse herself completely in her imaginary world again and to express herself in large format, coloured, intuitive and figurative paintings.
Her studio is located in a group of old cottages out in nowhere-land. There is no distraction and she is concentrated completely on her work, secluded in nature, 3 km from the seaside; there she works always on several canvases at the same time, creating multiple series of pictures.
At the same time, drawings are still an important part of her work. These are spontaneous expressions of her thoughts and stories. They are often the starting point for her paintings.


IRL, New York, USA (2022)
“PUFF PUFF” SHITART CLUB, Los Angeles, USA (2022)
paper, BEERS London, UK (2022)
USEFUL THINGS, Berlin, Germany (2022)
URVANITY ART FAIR, Galeria Yusto/Giner, Madrid, Spain (2022)
Galeria Yusto/Giner, Marbella, Spain (2022)
Floralia, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2022)
ALBUM DE FAMILIA, Alzueta Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2022)
Like a slight hiccup, La Grange Gallery, Cermay-Lès-Reims, France (2022)
Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece (2022)
ART BUSAN, Galeria Yusto/Giner, Busan, Korea (2022)
YEE YEE, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2021)
Art Miami, Galeria Yusto/Giner, Miami, USA (2021)
Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece (2021)
USEFUL THINGS, Uxval Gochez Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2021)
PAPERWORKS VOL. I, NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2020)
Galerie Rompone, Köln, Germany (2020)
SWAB Barcelona, Granada Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2020)
WAY OUT, La Grange Galley, Cermay-Lès-Reims, France (2020)
Another Fair, Granada Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2020)

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Yee Yee (IX)