Filippo Giusti was born in Livorno, a city on the coast of Tuscany, Italy. He began his acting career, graduating from one of the best theater schools in Italy and working at the same time as a photographer. It was the combination of these two arts that made him a “360-degree painter”, since thanks to his performance he acquired values ​​such as empathy, humanism and sensitivity; and with photography, the principles of perspective, light, color theory and image composition.

For three years he has lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he found the ideal place to develop his art by opening his studio inside the La Aurora Factory, one of the most important art and culture centers in Mexico.

Despite being a self-taught artist, the coexistence with artists within the “Factory”, his friendship with the painter Santiago Carbonell and with the collector Thomas Saliba (who collaborated with CY Twombly in his last 10 years of career) have been great. help for his growth as a painter. However, Filippo attributes his knowledge and regards his “true masters” to the painters of the past due to the countless hours he spent in the museums of Florence and Rome during his years in Italy.