Jesús Pedraglio has taken part in Art Fairs such as:
Monumental Callao ’15, Galeria 360 grados - Inicio del movimiento, 17700 vueltas.
Monumental Callao ’16 - Galeria 360
ARToronto ’16 - galeria Ginsberg
ARTMOcallao ’17 — Galeria 360
Nudos de realidad ’17 - Galeria Ginsberg
PArC ’17 Galeria Ginsberg
Feria Pinta Miami ‘17 - Galeria 360
Espacio Tomado ‘18 - Galeria 360
PArC ’18 - Galeria 360
ARTMO Callao ‘18 - Galeria 360
Galeria Alfredo Ginnochio Muestra ‘19 Mexico.
“Weavers of the Clouds” Fashion and Textile Museum London '20.
Fairs and Shows :
Fugaz Callao Monumental / 17700 Vueltas.
First came his huge canvases, his figurative paintings , expressionist in style and splashing with paint and Graffiti art brushstrokes. Then his pollockian pieces, dripping paint and later on, his experiments with abstraction.
The next stage meant for Pedraglio “painting” with threads. He actually used flat surfaces and, sometimes, made geometric and tridimensional works weaving , wrapping the surfaces with plastic and metal threads.
Minimalism, his paintings are basically about color, urban color, fantasy colors, made with unusual materials either chaotically wrapping surfaces or making perfect geometrical series…
“Jesús Pedraglio turns thread into canvases and paintings. He fuses geometry and the organic using uncommon materials and experiments, as well, with formal structures trying to achieve tension and vibrating colors in his work.
His aesthetics may well be connected to kinetic art of the 60s and abstract expressionism. He is quite interested in the Sacred Geometry, which is found in Nature.
His pieces are basically instinctive, they are not the product of mathematics or reasoning only.
Symmetry in Pedraglio´s works speak about the illusion created by a mandala that has the possibility of showing one´s internal states, one´s states of mind”.