South African artist who was born in Cape Town in 1971. Enjoying the praise of the public and critics was what welcomed him to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011, later in the Pavilion of the Republic of Costa Rica I participate with an original portrait of the winner of the Novel Peace Prize, Aung San Suu Kyi. That year his presence in the Pavilion of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was confirmed with a work entitled Lena, a perfect fit for the theme of "Supernatural", according to which man is the architect of his own future and scientific analysis. applied to understanding the world you live in must be supported by the social sciences, the exact sciences such as mathematics, and even artistic research. Consequently Gavin Rain claims a very precise goal for his art, one that is also shared by science: broadening people's visual and cognitive horizons, showing them the fantastic and the impossible, but at the same time shaking and alarming them, declaring the risks. Unrestricted usage of older analog languages. In 2002, tired of naturalistic painting and disenchanted with traditional art, which he perceives as "having nothing to say", the artist begins to search for a profound message for his work, one that catches his attention and is understandable to everyone. . Take the first step towards viewer engagement by working on the style of your creations which is just as important as the content. Among his most recent solo exhibitions are: "Gavin Rain Supernatural", Bugno At Gallery, Venice, Italy; "Gavin - Rain Lena", Kyo Art Gallery, Viterbo (2013); WorldArt Gallery, Cape Town, (2009); “Demostration - Heritage Festival”, Kizo Gallery, Kwazulu-Natal (2008); Patrice Boussekey Electric Gallery, Cape Town, WorldArt gallery, Johannesburg, Guateng, Africa (2008). Gavin Rain's trajectory has been developed in the most important European cities and in the USA. The Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery represents the artist in Mexico and Latin America. This year the Gavin Rain solo show with the artist's most recent works will be presented at the Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery.

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