Giampiero Malgioglio (Rome 1967): very young he began to devote himself to drawing and painting inspired by the Roman atmospheres in which he immersed himself, loving to attend the studios of various artists who pushed him to participate in the first group exhibitions. While following his innate artistic attitude, he dedicates a lot of time to reading the paths of great artists such as Arma, Fontana, Burri, Bonalumi, Castellani and is particularly influenced by Andy Warhol, which will lead him to focus his research on the installation of cult objects on canvas, wanting to be an iconoclastic artist. Among his works we find installations made with footballers' shirts(sports icons) but also with other objects such as musical instruments and even bicycles. His intent is to propose not just any objects but objects that have a history and an iconic value. These productions now represent the sector in which the artist has achieved greater notoriety, ensuring the interest of numerous collectors.


2000 Roma, Museo Garibaldino di Mentana
2003 Roma, Galleria d' Arte al cinque
2004 Caracas, Fundacion Museo de Arte Metropolitano
2005 Catania, Galleria Margutta
2006 Ginevra, Galleria d'arte La Fontane du Rhone
2006 Losanna, Galleria d'arte di Grancy Iam InterArtMania
2021 Cortina d'Ampezzo, Galleria Luigi Proietti

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