Gomor (Paris 1992): in the Bible, Gomorrah is one of the two cities destroyed by God due to the bad morals of its inhabitants. It is therefore no coincidence that the enfant terrible of French Street Art, Gomor, chose this pseudonym to exercise his talent. He started painting the facades of buildings in his neighborhood at a very young age with a spray can but very quickly his technique was perfected. He then immersed himself in the world of comics he loves so much and so from 2015 he started using recurring pop culture characters in his paintings: Wonder Woman, Superman and Uncle Scrooge, combining them with famous streetwear brands such as Supreme or Louis Vuitton to insert them in the world more concrete and often ostentatious. The artist then launches clear messages, capable of denouncing the excesses of our capitalist society, but all in light and deceptively childish works.


2017 Salon art3f di Mulhouse, EyeFood Gallery
2018 Exposition Hope, Art Life Gallery
2018 Negozio Luois Vuitton, Saint Germain des Prés
2018 Esposizione “ Super Street Art”, Galleria Sakura, Parigi
2019 Galerie Montmartre, Parigi
2020 Galleria E.F. Arte , Milano