Dan Liu  ( 1953 - )


Liu Dan has emerged as one of the most gifted of a particularly talented generation. He studied the Confucian classics, poetry, painting, and calligraphy from his grandfather at an early age. After the Cultural Revolution, Liu studied traditional painting at the newly reopened Jiangsu Academy of Chinese Painting, Hangzhou. He moved to Hawaii when he married an American woman in 1981. There, he studied western art and matured as a painter. Liu Dan moved to New York in 1992, and after fourteen years he returned to China in 2006. Both his training in traditional Chinese art and philosophy and his experience in the United States have greatly contributed to his sophisticated and very personal style. Liu Dan’s ink paintings, whether of landscapes, scholar’s rocks, or cypress trees, are all fastidiously conceived, complex works which highlight his concern to emphasize underlying compositional structure over virtuoso expressions of showy brushwork.

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