Katie Vajda (Sydney, Australia 1976 - )


Born in Sydney, Australia in 1976, Vajda studied a Bachelor of Business before studying photography at the Hong Kong Art School.
‘Can You See Me Yet?’ explores the visibility of domestic helpers within the social fabric of Hong Kong’s middle-class households. The pressing social issues related to domestic helpers and the pervasive culture of abuse runs deep. The works question whether the concept of ‘luxury’ would humanise the helper so that she may become visible or if it would only ever remain a reference to social status and power within this complicated domestic framework.
‘The Body Domestic’ looks at the female body within the built environment of Hong Kong. Our socialisation involves the transformation of bodies into a location for, and expression of, codes of behaviour. This series looks at the rationalisation and sensory deprivation experienced in the physical space and how modern environments and ways of life work to numb bodily awareness.

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